September 5-7, 2015
NW 3, 1 and 2 trials

Gates, Oregon

***Please note the days each level will be on***
Saturday, September 5: Level 3
Sunday, September 6: Level 1
Monday, September 7: Level 2

This trial will open June 23, 2015.


The trial premium as well as lodging/camping options, a link to the trial entry when it opens, and a link to a volunteer sign up will all be here once the trial premium is approved.



The entry fees will be:

NW1 $90

NW2 $100

NW3 $125


Number of entries:

NW1 45 teams

NW2 38 teams

NW3 28 teams


PLEASE NOTE: The following NW3 trials are being linked in order to maximize trial opportunities for as many people as possible:
August Albany, OR; September Santa Paula, CA; and September Gates, OR.


That means that no person will be given a space in more than one of these trials unless all 1st dog/handler teams have received a space in one of the trials. Once all 1st dog/handler teams are accommodated then any remaining spaces will be offered to 2nd dog/handler teams whose 1st dog is trialing on a different day or in a different trial. If space remains after all 1st and 2nd dog/handler teams have been accommodated, then dog/handler teams that already have a space in one trial may be offered a space in one of the other trials.