Photo by Kristy Strunks

Sniffapalooza!Entries are closed for 2014. Check back next year!


We are setting up a Mock Trial with a twist. You and your dog will be partnered with another dog/handler team, and each duo will search HALF of the 10 search areas. Scoring will be based strictly on number of hides found and time. You can pick your partner, or we will draw for you. These will be approximately Level 2 searches, with Birch and Anise odors, and 1-2 hides in each search area. The 4 areas in each search MAY NOT be 1 of each of the 4 NACSW elements, i.e. The "Blue Route" may consist of 2 interior and 2 container searches, while the "Red Route" may consist of 2 exterior, 1 vehicle and 1 container searches.

EACH DOG WILL DO THEIR ENTIRE ROUTE IN ONE PASS, the elements will not be split up.

There will be a brief walk-through for everyone, then each team will notify the gate steward which dog is doing which route.


Because you and your team mate will be running completely different routes, you may watch your team mate and film them if you would like. We will stagger the running order for the two routes so you won't be running at the same time.


Rest assured that no dog will be visible to any other dog while they are on their search route.


This will be held at the same venue as our November trial, Life Community Church. However searches will be in different locations, and some may be down or up stairs. We will try to make one of the routes "stair-free", although it may use ramps.


Entries and Prizes

You may enter the name of your team partner when you register, or as an individual and we will draw for your partner. The cost is $40 per dog. We are limiting it to 34 dogs (17 teams). We are not accepting entries for more than one dog per person at this time, to allow more people and dogs to play. If we don’t fill, we may reconsider this, and your second dog would run the other route.


We will have prizes! The scoring will be very simple; Teams that run clean (find all hides) will be ordered by total time (both dogs), then teams that missed 1 hide will be ordered by time, etc.


We will also have prizes for creative team names and costumes. Please be thoughtful of dogs (or people) that may be disturbed by a giant multi-armed cockroach, or a creepy trench coat/ hat outfit. In addition to a prize for the best Team Name, there will be two prize categories for the costume judging, Individual and Team. You will be judged in only one of the two categories.







Be sure if you have someone you would like as a teammate,
they also register soon!