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Bart and Debbie have been running agility since 1999 and coaching competition agility for over 12 years. They have competed primarily in NADAC (North America Dog Agility Council), attending the Championships for 6 years in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Ohio. Bart’s second dog, Pulse won the 20 inch class at the Championships in 2004. He is currently running Bling! his little "elf-bunny" border collie.


Debbie’s first golden, Kobie, was the highest titled golden in NADAC for many years and competed until the age of 12. Debbie is currently running Kash, who achieved his NADAC Championship in July 2015.


As students of the sport they enjoy attending seminars, reading, and studying the ins and outs of agility training in all venues. Bart enjoys directing the energy of high-drive dogs into the outlet of agility. Deb specializes in working with low-motivation dogs, turning them on to the joys of playing with their human. Using a hands-on, fun training style, they can help you find the style that works best for you and your dog. We have group lessons, as well as semi-private and private lessons. Contact us for availability of lesson times and cost. We offer group, semi-private and private agility lessons.


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